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10 Ways to Help Your Home Beat the Summer Heat

Summer break is here and temperatures have started to rise! During the afternoon on June 14th 2021, the temperature was 98 degrees but, because of the Houston humidity, reported that it felt like 104 degrees. Unfortunately, turning down the thermostat can crank up your electricity bill. Michele Harmon Team is here to provide you with a few alternative ways to keep your home cool in the Texas heat.

  1.  Swap Bulbs

If you do not have CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs) for environmental or economic reasons, you may want to consider them to help keep your home cool. According to RE/MAX, Incandescent bulbs waste about 90% of their energy through the heat they emit.

  1.  Keep Your Head Cool at Night

Switch your bedtime pillow out with a buckwheat pillow! Buckwheat pillows do not absorb or retain heat like cotton or down pillows do. They can be purchased at the links below!

  1.  DIY Air Conditioning

Looking for a cheap alternative to central air? Try placing a big bowl of ice water in front of a fan!

  1.  Mind Your Blinds

Close your window blinds and curtains during the day, especially if you are out of the house, to prevent your home from heating up like a greenhouse. 

  1.  Consider Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains serve multiple purposes, including climate control! They keep you cool in the summer by deflecting the sun’s rays and toasty in the winter by trapping warm air. According to Mitsubishi Electric, “When it comes to choosing a curtain, color can make a big difference. Darker colors absorb more radiant heat from the sun’s rays, while lighter colors reflect light.”

  1.  Don’t Block Your Breeze

At night time, open all of the doors inside your home to maximize any fresh, cool breezes that blow in.

  1.  Change Direction

Set your ceiling fan to rotate in a counterclockwise direction during the summer, to create a cooling, downward airflow. In the winter, turn the setting back to clockwise to circulate warm air.

  1.  Suck the Heat Out

Use your bathroom fan while showering and your exhaust fan while cooking over the stovetop to help draw the hot air up and out of the room!

  1.  Unplug

Electronics emit heat when they are plugged in, even when they are turned off! Unplug all electronics or use a smart power strip when they are not in use. 

  1. Take it to the Grill

Cook dinner out on the grill to prevent heating up your home with a stove or oven!

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