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4 Reasons Why Home Inspections Matter

The market is hot and many home buyers are tempted to waive the home inspection to win a competitive bidding war. Buying a home is expensive, so why should you spend more money on a home inspection? A licensed inspector performing a detailed home inspection can help your wallet in the long run. You will improve your chances of avoiding unwanted housewarming “gifts” – like a surprise rain shower from a broken pipe – and decrease your chances of experiencing buyer’s remorse. Do you need more reasons for why home inspections matter? Continue reading to learn why home inspections matter. 

  1. No Surprises

The excitement of homeownership can skew your perspective and cause you to see through rose-colored glasses. Thankfully, a licensed home inspector has no emotional attachment to your potential new home and can objectively identify structural, and hazardous issues. Although most home inspections do not receive a pass or fail, it will prepare you for what is to come down the road. Every home will cost money to own. However, a great inspector will help you anticipate and plan for those costs. We like to think of the inspection as the user manual for your new home.

  1.  Bargaining Power

Most home inspections are conducted after an offer is accepted.  The inspector’s detailed report can, and should, be used as a negotiating tool with the seller. After the inspection, the seller may agree to contribute towards having items repaired in the future or it may encourage them to repair the items prior to closing. As a buyer, this would keep money in your pocket and prevent you from having to make repairs soon after moving into your new home.

  1.  Save Money Down the Road

As mentioned, inspections can help you gain bargaining power. With this bargaining power, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the road. For example, it would be quite a burden to skip the home inspection only to later find out the entire home needs rewiring.

  1. Safety

Safety first! This is especially true for your new home. Home inspections not only uncover minor damages to the house, but also life-threatening issues such as lead paint, asbestos, radon, and mold. Inspectors may find foundations that are moving or that the wiring in the home was previously recalled.

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