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All You Need to Know When Considering to Downsize


In September, we wrote about upsizing your home. However, maybe you are considering downsizing. Making the decision to downsize may worry you about having less space for your possessions. However, Michele Harmon Team is here to help you decide if downsizing is right for you and we have provided you with five great tips for a stress-free downsizing experience.

Is Downsizing Right for You?

Downsizing your home is not just for empty-nesters. There are numerous reasons and situations where this path could be the right one for you and your family!

Minimizing: Owning a large home and property comes with a HUGE responsibility such as multiple rooms and floors, a large yard, and maybe features such as a deck or pool. Large homes require a lot of upkeep and cleaning to keep it looking nice and functioning at its best. One reason you may want to downsize is to reduce time, energy, and money spent on those activities to leave you more time with the ones you love.

Saving Funds: Downsizing your home may allow an increase in your monthly budget. Not only does your mortgage and maintenance fees cost less, but so do your utility bills, insurance, property taxes, interest payments, and furnishings. This is a great option for those who want to put their children through college, save for retirement, or pay off existing debts. 

New Adventures: Whether you are single, a parent whose kids have flown the coop, retiree, or an adventurous family, downsizing your home could allow you to create more time and finances for new experiences. You may have more time and money to take that long-term trip overseas you’ve always wanted to go on, buy a second home abroad for the family, or purchase that boat, camper, snowmobile, or ATV you have been dreaming about.

If you find one or more of these reasons on your priority list, downsizing may be right for you.

Downsizing Does Not Have to be Stressful 

If you find yourself panicking at the thought of moving to a new, smaller home, it is most likely stemming from uncertainty about how to downsize your home. You will most likely have items that you cannot take with you when moving to a smaller home. Whether you are an empty-nester, downsizing for financial reasons, or want less upkeep, being smart about downsizing is essential. Michele Harmon Team has five tips on how to make wise decisions throughout the process.

Make The Biggest Decisions First

One of the best ways to downsize is to go room by room, making the big decisions first and then the small ones. Ask yourself the questions below and discuss them with any household members. 

  1. Do you have large sentimental items you have been holding onto? If so, would you be happier taking them with you, passing them on to family members, or selling them?
  2. Do you have any large collections you care about? If so, would you prefer to keep, gift, or sell them?
  3. If you have a classic car, should it stay or should it go?
  4. Will your new home have space for your hobbies such as a woodshop, sewing room, or a craft closet?

Start Decluttering as Soon as Possible

Whether you are still in the planning stage of your downsize or already in mid-pack, decluttering can make your life so much more simple. Try this sorting system for downsizing:

  1. Giveaways: These possessions will go to friends and family who can use them.
  2. Donations: Anything you or others do not want but still has utility or beauty.
  3. Items to Sell: If you have items of value or that are currently in style to get rid of, you can sell them for some extra cash.
  4. Trash pickup or dumpster: No matter how much we want to think otherwise, some items just do not have a second life. Put them in a trash pile.

Minimize Duplicate Items

Take a look at what you have multiples of and only keep your favorites. The kitchen is a great place to start. Are you in need of 10 different spatulas? Also, be sure to look through places such as the pantry and spice cabinet. 

Take Out Your Tape Measure

You need to be sure you have enough room to fit all of the furniture you plan on keeping. The last thing you want is to move a sectional sofa, only to discover it does not fit in your new home. Measuring your furniture will give you more of an idea of what you can take with you and what you will have to part with. 


If you are considering downsizing your home, Michele Harmon Team can help you sell your current home quickly for top dollar while securing and negotiating your new dream home! Call us today at 713-818-1330 for questions or more information. We would love to work with you!

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