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How to Create a Strong Offer

The market has been incredibly hot this year and several homes have received multiple offers due to low inventory. Michele Harmon Team wants to help you secure and negotiate the home of your dreams. Therefore, we have a few tips that will increase the likelihood of your offer being accepted!

Be Open to your Agent’s Recommendations

Our team of Buyer’s Agents have multiple years of experience in Real Estate and we have received extensive education on how to write compelling offers. We remain up to date on the current market and we can help educate you on what may give you a competitive edge when submitting an offer on your dream home.

Have your Finances in Order

Be sure to budget according to how much you can truly afford in regards to how much house you can buy. Ensure that you have your pre-approval letter or proof of funds, prior to your home search. If you do not have a pre-approval letter, the chances of your offer being accepted will drop significantly, if your offer is even considered at all. Typically, sellers are not comfortable with accepting an offer that may include issues with financing due to possible transaction delays.

Move Fast

Homes are flying off the market! Multiple offers are oftenly being entered on the same home, sometimes within hours of it being listed! When you find your dream home, you need to be ready to submit an offer as soon as possible. Waiting to submit an offer can result in your dream home being swept up by another buyer. If you find your dream home, immediately inform your Agent. Our Buyer’s Agents will immediately tell the Listing Agent to expect an offer from you and we will always remain in communication with them to ensure your offer was received.

Remain Fair

When submitting your offer, it is important to remain fair. Michele Harmon Team will check comparables in the area and provide our opinion on what is a fair offer. We will also help you make your offer more appealing to sellers if you are in a multiple offer scenario.

Offer Flexibility

In today’s market, you will want to appear in the best light to the seller. Offering flexibility can definitely help you win a multiple offer situation. Some examples of things you can offer flexibility upon include:

  • Flexible Move In Date
  • Offering More Earnest Money
  • Allowing for Shorter Option Periods

Make A Connection

Establishing a rapport with the sellers can tug at their heart strings! We recommend our buyers who enter a multiple offer situation to write a letter to the sellers about why they would be the perfect fit for their home! Help them remember your name when they review potential offers. 

Michele Harmon Team understands that the home buying process can feel exhausting with all the searching, touring, negotiating, and waiting for updates on bids. However, Michele Harmon Team will be here to guide you through the process and make it stress free on you as possible! Let us help you make your home offer more attractive. Contact Michele Harmon Team today at 713-818-1330. It would be our pleasure to work with you!

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