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What Homebuyers Want in 2021: The Hottest Kitchen, Bath, and Outdoor Trends in the New Year

If you’re looking to spruce up a home for sale or simply want to know what features of a home are likely to hold their value, there are plenty of indicators for what the 2021 trends will be. This year is a great one for taking on a small or medium-sized remodeling project. At the end of 2020, HomeLight surveyed top real estate agents to see what updates and additions would be most intriguing to buyers in the kitchen, bathrooms, or outdoor spaces of homes for sale. Here are some of their major findings.

Storage: The Name of the Kitchen Game

Whether you opt to add a kitchen island, build or supplement a walk-in pantry, or add cabinets and shelves in other areas, storage is the theme in the kitchen. Kitchen islands emerge as the top requested kitchen update in 2021, according to the survey, and it stands to reason. In addition to providing a variety of options for storage, many kitchen islands boost countertop space and even allow for some bar seating in the kitchen. 

Counter space is at even more of a premium now that many people have added new kitchen gadgets to their collections, and homebuyers are looking for a kitchen that has plenty of places to both set out items in use and stow away items that aren’t needed right now. Work to strike a balance between displaying the utility of the kitchen and giving it a look of uncluttered elegance as you prepare it for the real estate market in 2021.

Double Sinks and Luxury Showerheads in the Bathroom

While not everyone ends up using the double sinks in a master bath, they remain an in-demand feature of modern home buying – if you are doing a remodel in the bathroom in 2021 anyway, adding that second sink where there is space is a value-add. Another way to boost the bathroom’s appeal? Luxury showerheads like rainshower or dual shower heads are popular for making a shower fit the bill as an amenity, not just a commodity. These bathroom upgrades give a little bit of comfort to the everyday.

Buyers Want to Enjoy the Backyard in Comfort and Privacy

More people than ever before will be looking for nice, private backyard space in the housing market this year, as people continue to make home an oasis rather than spending their leisure time out and about. Creating a privacy fence or hedge has always been a selling point and will hold steady this year, while adding a nice fire pit, sun shade, or outdoor kitchen area like a grill set-up can all add value and help people fall in love with your property.

Whether you are focusing on kitchen, bath, or outdoor updates, evaluate the most inexpensive but enduring benefits you can attain. Large, complex remodels are more valuable if you yourself will be using them, since many of them don’t translate into direct ROI in an upcoming sale. Small upgrades can do a lot to help buyers see themselves in the home, increasing the chances of multiple offers. 

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