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What to do in a Plumbing Emergency

Recently, many of us in Texas have faced busted pipes after going without running water in our homes due to the February 2021 ice storm. Although many of us have experienced busted pipes due to the ice storm, plumbing emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. However, what you do in the midst of a problem can make all the difference. Planning ahead will allow you to deal with a plumbing emergency quickly and easily. Michele Harmon Team has put together simple steps you should take when something happens to your household plumbing. 

Turn off the Water

If you spring a leak in your kitchen or bathroom, start by turning off the water in your home as quickly as possible to prevent any sort of damage. It is important that you know where the main water valve is located in your home prior to a plumbing emergency. Once you have the water turned off, you can evaluate whether you need to contact a professional. 

Turning off the water will not only prevent damages to your home. It will also allow you to save on your water bill and allow you to fix the leak without running into any major problems.

Check your Water Heater

In a major plumbing emergency, it may be a good idea for you to turn off your water heater to avoid damage to the unit. Turn the water heater off after your main water valve is shut up to prevent heat from welling up inside the unit. Not doing so can raise the risk of the water heater bursting or overheating. If you have a gas water heater, always turn the gas off first.

Open Drains and Spigots

After you turn off the main water valve, there will still be water in your pipes. You can move the water away from your home and prevent damage by turning on spigots located outside of your home. Also be sure to give your garden hose a few squirts to ensure it is also clear of water. 

Identify Toilet Issues

It is extremely important to determine if your plumbing issue involves the toilet as well as raw sewage. If you are experiencing major toilet issues, it is best to call someone to help you identify whether you need to snake the lines or fix a leak that is contributing to major health problems in your household.

Fix Small Leaks

If you assess that your plumbing leak is small and can be fixed with thread seal tape (also known as plumber’s tape), you should try to do so. However, it is important to remember that small leaks can quickly turn into big leaks if they are not fixed properly.

Know When to Call a Plumber

The most important thing to know is when to call a plumber. Although plumbers can be costly, it does not mean they are not worth the money. Plumbers are professionals for a reason. It is important that you hire someone skilled enough for the job. Unfortunately, not every contractor is trustworthy. Be sure to never pay upfront for repairs and to beware of potential scams. 

Turning the Water Back On

When you turn your water back on, it is important that you exercise caution. According to one of our trusted contractors, it is important that you turn the water back on very slowly with people stationed throughout different areas of the house. This will allow you to be aware of spraying water or broken pipes immediately and before it floods your home. When it comes to turning your water back on, taking alternative measures to do so can result in water spraying for thirty minutes to an hour, resulting in damages to your home, before you can even acknowledge the issue.

What Should I Consider to be a Plumbing Emergency?

Reacting to a plumbing emergency requires you to know what an emergency looks like. If you come across any plumbing problem you are unsure of how to handle, it is always best for you to call a plumber. When looking at plumbing emergency examples, remember your specific situation’s severity can vary. Common accidents and mishaps that may require a call to a plumbing service include:

  • Extremely Hot Water
  • Faucet Drips
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Leaking Water Heater
  • Clogs
  • Toilet Troubles
  • Waste Smells
  • Whirring Disposals
  • Gas Leaks
  • Busted Pipes


If you have experienced a plumbing emergency and are in need of a reputable plumber, Michele Harmon Team is here to help! To receive our list of vendors, email Michele at

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